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Spitvox Ace   C64  Game  "shoot 'em up"

...- The Vox videogame &co. - presents a new flight combat game, dedicated to the legendary airplane in English of the second world war, membership in the R. A. F. "Spitfire" . The game inspired by the classic "1942" the Commomdore 64, which has the title of... - Spitvox Ace ... and was built; designed in his graphic animation and sound effects, with the S. and.u.c.k. "the Sensible Software of 1987"; added additional codes for the front end; improvements of the game and the aggiunnta of music in the title and in the gameplay...additional codes of Richard Bayliss of Tnd64 of "The New Dimension 64", www.tnd64.unikat.sk. The music in the title devised by Vg Vox with the participation of Commodore H. F., music in the gameplay of Vg Vox...picture loader Fabs H. F.(Fabio Marcon), year of construction of the game 2021......You are on patrol and in the approach to the enemy's territory, when you begin to hear the noise of aircraft in the vicinity...at some point you were attacked from their machine guns...what to do...can you dodge their shots with a maneuver worthy of an "ace", what to do if you are not ordering for radio attack, which is immediately to your team in training...? 
Pay attention to the waves of hunting enemy that will try in every way to lose heart on and take heed to the anti-aircraft, ships, and flying fortresses that will try in every way to abbatervi and make you fall......impetiteglielo...!!! 

Complete the levels of the game...connect your joystick Port2 to move your fighter, dodging enemy shots, use button "Fire" to shoot with machine guns supplied and collect objects "Bonus extra lives", to accumulate up to 10,000...good battle......have fun with my game...greetings...from...Pinov Vox...and staff Voxvideogame&Co.


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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Was this made using SEUCK?

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Its vertical Seuck "Outlaw Sensible Softwares" 1987 + code "kickassembler" for new front end adding music and some enhancemets.

The game includes the manual in PDF format